Shri. Dr. C.K.Gowda born in Harokoppa village, V.P Hobli, Channapatna Taluk, Ramanagar District on 24-03-1940 in a poor agricultural family. Completed  primary school up to class 4th in his native place  Harokoppa and middle school education up to 8th class in sogala village, which is 3kms away from the village Harokoppa. When he was seven and a half years old his father expired and then all the responsibilities shouldered by my mother and with very much difficulties she looked  after the family. He was awarded for his performance in the middle school scholarship by Department of middle school Educations.

    After completion of middle school Education, I faced critical financial problems  to pursue further education. Later I had been to Bengaluru and asked to help for my future Education, from my Aunty and  uncle, who were staying in Bengaluru by running petty shop and cows feeding milk was supply to milk dairy, They  agreed to provide  food & shelter with a condition stating that I should not expect the finance support, Saying that, before and after school hours, I have to work in their shop and Assists for cows feeding and I agreed for the same.

 After completion of my 8th class and L.S. Examination in February 1954. I joined in a Sugarcane mill  as a labour, to earn some money for my future Education, Since I was in badly need of money for fees, books etc, and earned  Rs.80=00(Rupees Eighty only) by working Two months   continuously in March and April 1954. Then I to came Bengaluru with that Rs.80=00 and joined in Fort High School, in May 1954 for my Education with Assistance of my parents.

Since my parents were having cows, I had to supply milk to nearby  dairy in the morning and in the evening as soon as I returned from school, Since my school timing was from 10 AM to 4PM, hence it did not disturb  the work.

 My Aunt have purchased the grass for cows feeding purpose on yearly contract basis from of Smt. Lady Parvathamma Puttanna chetty at 6th Main Road, Chamarajapet, She was the founder of Sharada Sthree Samaja “to give training to ladies in garments, different types of  cane materials works etc. and also started the Nursery school for children, where I used to go and cut  get the grass for  cows, during my school leisure period and on Sundays. After  few days they pocket emptied and I had no source of Income.

 During  my grass cutting in the Bangalow   one day I saw seeds in the garden  which were dryed  and I asked the walker in the Bangalow Smt. Nagamma, who was the sister of Smt. Lady Parvathamma Puttanna chetty and  sought the reason for the seeds it dryed. She told me that a man is doing the work, from Two years . but he is not doing the work properly and he is also irregular. Now he has not turned up since four days, that is why, all the seeds were dryed and we are thinking to appoint some one else for the work. In that circumstance I expressed my desire to do the same job, if agreed and asked her the remuneration. Then she went inside the home and called her sister Smt.Parvathamma and Smt.Parvathamma asked the detail clarification of my life. I told her about my Qualification told her that I do the previous & Experience gardening job also, since I am in need of money for my Education purposes. He agreed to pay Rs.15/- per month and told me to attend the work form tomorrow onwards. It was a blessing by Sree kalabhyrava. During that time Sri.Krishnamurthy, who was the manager of Sharada Sthree Samaja was coming to Bangalow to report, day to day affairs of Samaja to Smt.Parvathamma and he was seeing my work and appreciated me for the same.

    I was used to manage my work at the parent House, and Bangalow, during the leisure period of my school and on Sundays, so that it did not get over  Laped  Unfortunately, on 26-02-1956 Smt.  Parvathamma Puttanna chetty  Got expired by Heart-attack while the same year, I had to attend the class to take (1957) SSLC Examination and I had to pay the School fee and  Examination fee. Her demise was a shock in one way to their parents, But it was a shock for me and I was depressed thinking about support  for my future Education.

   After the 11th day death ceremony of Smt. Parvathamma, I met Shri. Krishnamurthy, Manager of Sharada Sthree Samaja who was visiting to Smt. Parvathamma’s Bangalow, and having little bit detail about me and I explained to him my financial problem and requested him for a part time job. One day he called me and introduced to Smt.Sarojamma Sambasivaiah, who was general Secretary of the Sharada Sthree Samaja and when she asked about the details I explained to her all my Educational ambition and need of money for the same. Then she agreed to provide a job of collection of monthly subscription from all the Samaja members  and office work, Dispatching  letters to all offices and, Treasury etc and for which agreed to pay Rs.15=00 per month and, further agreed to provide a second hand cycle for the job and got purchased a cycle for Es.70-00 Advanced by samaja, and recover  the some at the Rate of Rs.5=00per month After purchasing the cycle, I  learnt cycle  riding and I was doing the office work during in between the school  leisure period and members subscription collection work during Sunday and other holiday period and I was  also doing my aunt’s House work with out disappointing  them. In that circumstance, I took one month leave from Samaja, When the classes completed and I was given study holidays for Examination during February 1957, During that period I Sat in Lalbagh during the class time and Samaja working time and studied well and successfully completed the 1957 SSLC Examination.

     After completing the SSLC Exam, I joined Sri Jayachamarajendra Polytechnic and Studied and completed my diploma in civil Engineering course Smt. Sarojamma Sambasiviah  who was secretary in 1957 and later president of the  Samaja and continue till the End and  she was the route cause for the completion of my education and north & south India tour during Education period by increasing the salary  from Rs.15 to Rs.60-00at the rate of Rs,15=00 increase every year and by advancing me for college fee and tour programme etc as and when required and deducting the same at reasonable deduction in salary. I won’t for get Smt. Sarojamma Sambasiviah’s help and I am very much thankful to her always till the end of my life time, and she was the route cause for my development.

      After completion of my diploma, I got job opportunity in central P&T department and I had to leave my Samaja job but later decided  to  the quit central Government job and as per the  wel wisher advice, I have started the civil contract work, for which Smt. Sarojamma  Sambasiviah  agreed and blessed me for my future development.

      During my civil contract work. I also started the social work and started the journalism work by running a patrike  called “JANATHEYA ASAMANATHE”  in 1980. It is continuing with RNI certificate and granted postal stamp concession. After starting the social work I did many things to the society by constructing and donating the building to Sharada Sthree Samaja and school building at my own cost, Library room in my native village  Harokoppa. I am not proud  of saying that I have done better than others in the social filed but I am one among the other social workers.

    By considering my social work many noted (more than 30) organizations  appreciated  and Honoured  me including  and received BBMP kempe Gowd’s award in the year of 2011. All my life history and social work details are available in the book written by myself called “BALONDU NATAKA and in BIO-DATA.

 Now I am 74years old but still my aim is  to study further, In this regard i have joined to 1st year B.A, with the intension to get PHD in social work.

 Ambition is, man’s aim, and decision is the God’s aim.